Proper Labs

Proper Games Labs is the area of our site where the dead ideas go!

Well, not quite – as a games company we are constantly trying out new ideas and prototyping new stuff. Of course 99% of that stuff never sees the light of day, but a lot of it is fun and playable... so we’re gonna let you play them!

Game ideas can never make it past the prototype stage for a variety of reasons – time, theme, whether they fit the company philosophy, market conditions, money, or sometimes they’re just not quite up to the quality we want to produce.

Over time we will be uploading slightly-polished versions of our prototypes that don’t make it into production, along side concept art, discussion on what went right and wrong, and tons more cool insider info. So if you want to see the kind of stuff we don’t get to release, or if you fancy a bit of insight into our creative processes, then this is the place to come!

We do want to add a slight disclaimer though: there is always a good reason why these games got killed off, and while we make some efforts to tidy them up and present them so they’re fun to play, we’re conscious that they’ll never be fully polished. Placeholder artwork and sounds, slightly buggy code - all this and more can be expected.

But hey, they’re free to play!

The following is a list of game concepts from Proper Labs...

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Squirt’s mate Gobble has eaten too many jelly beans! He’s gonna barf! Squirt leaps into action (and Gobble’s massive mouth) to sort out his tummy before everyone gets a rainbow repaint!

Players control Squirt, the eponymous hero of the game. Coloured jelly bean squares rise up from below - the player must use Squirt’s unique ability to suck the colour out of one block at a time, and then inject it into another, to destroy them before they reach the top of the screen. Create combos, fight against time and the inexorable push of jelly bean blocks from below, and set high scores!

Click link to play Squirt now!

Game:  Squirt
Genre:  Match 3
Platform:  Adobe Flash (ver. 9 or higher)
Released:  25 June 2009

Let us know what you think of the game over on our Forums, and you can become a Fan of Squirt, and see some of the concept art, on his Facebook Page.