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Moving Day: Alfie!Proper Games Ltd was founded in early 2006 and is now in its seventh year of business.

As one of the leading independent game development studios in the UK, we are registered as an official developer across all major home console and mobile formats.

Formed around a dedicated team of experienced developers, and based in the vibrant digital Scottish city of Dundee, Proper Games is wholly owned by its committed board of Directors.  Together we have many years of valuable industry experience that enables us to thrive on projects of any size and on any platform. 

Our business has two main elements - not only do we have a proud record of providing high quality trusted content for external partners; we have successfully entered the realms of self-publishing.

As we’ve proven with the BAFTA-winning Flock! (PC, XBLA, PSN), the critically acclaimed Final Fight : Double Impact! (XBLA,PSN) and our award winning self-published release Yo Deshi (IOS) – the mission at Proper Games is all about developing fun and highly playable games that always deliver on creativity, originality and quality!

If you are wondering how Proper Games could work with your business or you are interested in finding out more about our self-published titles – then get in touch.  It’s always great to hear from somebody new!


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